Get Involved

  • Step 1: Get a free anti-bullying kit

    • anti_bullying_kit_grabRegister to receive our #Up2Us Anti-Bullying Kit with supplies to help you create ‘interactive posters’ and run an awareness campaign. For your teachers there’s the #Up2Us Anti-Bullying Teachers’ Handbook with SPHE lessons.
  • Step 2: Plan your campaign

    • Pick a theme for your anti-bullying campaign, decide who your audience is and figure out what needs to get done. Check out our Resources and Get Ideas pages for activities you might like to run.
  • Step 3: Take action

    • Now comes the fun…carrying out the action! If you have a strong, clear message and have planned well, your campaign will be a success. Your action might be focused around one event or it might run over a number of months. Whatever you do make sure you record how your campaign goes!
  • Step 4: Share your story and win prizes

    • When you’ve helped make your community an anti-bullying zone we want to hear about it! Share what you’ve done under #Up2Us on social media and then fill in your details here to be in with a chance to win a GoPro Camera Kit, amongst other cool prizes.
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