Cybersafe – Spreading awareness


Transition Year students in Bishopstown Community School are tackling cyber bullying through their special USB wristbands. Further details on their website.

“We have produced a wristband which contains a USB key to store digital information. Our Wristband will combat the problem of Cyber bullying in three ways:

  • By purchasing and wearing our wristband you are highlighting your awareness of the dangers associated with cyber bullying.
  • On the attached USB key there is information and key steps to take if you feel you are the victim of cyber bullying. You can also use the USB key to save any evidence of cyber bullying, and present it to someone you trust e.g. teacher, parent, relative.
  • By wearing your wristband you are saying to others that you will not stand by as part of the silent majority and do nothing if you witness cyber bullying.”

Supplies needed: Wristbands

Target audience: Teenagers, teachers, parents

Top advice for running an anti-bullying activity like this: “We can provide you with the wristbands needed to run this campaign. They cost €3 each. We have found that by organising fundraising events to get the bands schools have been quite successful.”

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