Watch Your Space core work

Watch Your Space is an awareness raising initiative, targeting teenagers, from Webwise. It is devoted to promoting safe, effective use of the internet among young people through awareness raising resources and campaigns.

Watch Your Space campaigns

The #Up2Us campaign, run through the Watch Your Space website and social media channels, originated in response to the Action Plan on Bullying. Developed in collaboration with the Webwise Youth Advisory Panel, the #Up2Us campaign empowers and supports young people as they take action to address bullying, in particular cyber bullying, in their local communities.

Watch Your Space organisation structure

The Watch Your Space initiative is run by Webwise, Webwise is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre which is co-funded by the Department of Education and Skills and is co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility

pdst tieWebwise is part of the PDST Technology in Education, which promotes and supports the integration of ICT in teaching and learning in first and second level schools.

The PDST Technology in Education is a section of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). The PDST is a support service of Teacher Education Section, Department of Education and Skills and is hosted by Dublin West Education Centre.

Webwise partnerships

Webwise is a member of the Insafe network and the SaferInternetIE (SII) project. This is a consortium of industry, education, child welfare and government partners that provide awareness, hotline and helpline functions and activities in the Republic of Ireland.

The project, coordinated by the Office for Internet Safety, aims to develop national initiatives promoting the safer use of electronic media and enhance protection of the vulnerable – particularly children – against the downside of the internet.

Webwise address

Invent Centre,
Dublin City University,
Dublin 9,

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