6 Things to consider before going live

Live streaming
15th Sep, 2017

Live streaming apps can be a great way to share real time experiences from concerts and events of all sorts. It also offers a glimpse into the lives of our favourite celebrities, musicians, sports stars, etc..

With all social networks and apps where users can share content online, there are risks. Here are some things you may want to consider before going live:

1. Check the settings

Familiarise yourself with the live stream platform before getting started and decide what settings are best for you. Many live streaming apps allow you to switch off comments, delete videos after a live stream and update your location settings.


2. Who will see your broadcast?

Consider your audience before starting a live stream. We recommend using a friends-only setting to ensure you know who is watching.


3. What information are you sharing?

Consider what information you are share during the live stream, for example, is your location available or are you giving away any personal information during the broadcast?


4. Think before you broadcast

It can be very easy for someone to record a live broadcast without you knowing. Users should also remember that while they can delete a video once it is broadcast they cannot remove what has been viewed during the live broadcast.


5. Who and what are you broadcasting?

There a few things to consider before broadcasting… who is in the broadcast? Do I have their permission to film? Will anyone be offended by my broadcast? Will my broadcast affect anyone?


6. Reporting Broadcasts

If you see something that makes you uncomfortable you can report it to the social network through the reporting tool. Users should also report any abusive comments they encounter and block the sender.


For more information on Facebook Live go to: https://www.webwise.ie/parents/facebook-live/

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